dimecres, 25 de maig de 2011

Hi girls and boys ,

we are 6th year children . We are from Simeó School in Martorelles . This year our teacher told us to discover a new city in Australia. It was ...... Sidney !!!
We enjoyed alot learning about the parks, monuments, festivities,famous people ........ and now we want to show you our job . It was a hard work , but we liked it . Now we hope you will enjoy and learn about this big city .


dilluns, 9 de maig de 2011

Students from 5th to 6th level are working in a big project called “English around the world”. It is a multitask project with different activities (video, booklets, computers, powerpoints) and the aim of this project is to become aware of the cultural aspects of the language and the countries in which it is spoken.
Here we can see two videos of one of the UK and London sessions:

Video of the UK presentation session

Video of the London presentation session
Here we can see two powerpoints about UK and London:UK Cultural Project3with sound

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London project WITH MUSIC

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